Automated Process Control Equipment for Chemical-Based Manufacturing

ancosys provides automated equipment and expertise to control chemical-based manufacturing processes around the globe. Customers worldwide appreciate that we understand that any production process needs to be reliable and predictable – to be not only monitored, but controlled.

Widest variety of analytical techniques and instruments

Our systems reduce risk, reduce cost, and reduce consumption and environmental waste, while increasing yield, productivity, and confidence. While any given process typically requires only a handful of key measurements, we offer the widest variety of analytical techniques and instruments to ensure that the most appropriate methods are available for automation.

Collaboration and Partnership

Our name is derived from ANalytical COntrol SYStems, and our ancolyzer systems provide automated “lights out”, closed-loop control for critical manufacturing processes relying on chemicals. But our emphasis is on collaboration and partnership. We strive to understand our customers’ processes, so we can innovate to help them improve. We are always willing to advise, but never dictate.

Flexible System Architecture

Our system architecture is not only flexible, but open. Our customers have full access to the data collected and generated by our measurements and analytical methods. This enables better characterization, troubleshooting, and process improvement.

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Emphasis on Integrity

We work very closely not only with our customers, but partner closely with production equipment manufacturers and chemical producers. Our tight relationships with industry partners enables us to implement the analytical and process control methods that work best for a given chemistry or production tool. Our corporate emphasis on integrity shows in the trust our customers and industry partners have in us. This is demonstrated by the proprietary information that is often entrusted to us and protected by us.